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"Recover your body" program

We have created a 3-step NBC method that combines well-being and physical improvement available to all. With this method, you will see effective, safe and guaranteed results in 60-minute sessions.

NARL Cavitation

NARL ultrasound (cavitation): with this treatment of 20min. we will undo and emulsify the localized subcutaneous and visceral fat causing the release of the hormone NorAdrenaline activating the natural process of lipolysis (burning fat) to be consumed through exercise after treatment.


Electro-fitness (ems): With this treatment of 20min. guided with a personal trainer you will be able to activate globally and simultaneously more than 300 muscles at the same time and shape the body, as well as metabolize the fat and activate the metabolism until consuming more than 3000Kcal in the session.


Pressotherapy: With this treatment of 20min. activate the lymph and drain our body to get rid of metabolic waste and toxins produced by step 1 and 2. In addition to helping us fight cellulite, caused by fluid retention or lack of oxygenation in the blood.

Enjoy! from a unique experience, select the NBC Method