What is Lipo-Tec?
It is a treatment of Lipolysis, which acts by ultrasounds of 517Khz that work in a localized way.

What is Lipolysis?
Lipolysis is the natural mechanism used by our body to oxidize fat, as well as the fat is dissolved and transported to the bloodstream by activating noradrenaline which is the hormone that activates the mitochondria cell responsible for using fat as an energy source. This is why this mechanism requires minimal aerobic activity after treatment.

What is it used for?
It serves to decrease with constancy both the subcutaneous fat and especially the visceral, this is the most dangerous for our health.

In how many sessions will I notice it?
It is a treatment of constancy… totally natural and invasive and without any type of rebound effect. Normally, changes can be appreciated from the tenth session onwards, as long as it has been a constant treatment accompanied by a balanced diet, which is the key.

How many times a week and for how long?
As it is an invasive and painless treatment, it is recommended to do it with a minimum of one session per week and a maximum of three sessions. It is not necessary to do more.
The time is unlimited as it is a harmless treatment, will depend on each need of each client to reach a point of personal satisfaction.

How many zones can I do per week?
It is recommended to make in each session two different zones, since in each zone in only 10 minutes of application will be more than enough, being the exception that if the person has a localized zone with more fat is recommended 20 minutes for this same zone.


What is Body-Tec?
Body remodelling treatment using E.M.S. (Electric-Muscular-System) electrostimulation vests.
Stimulates more than 300 muscles simultaneously, tones the whole body quickly and effectively.

What is it used for?
During the 20-minute session, the body performs the exercise equivalent to 180 minutes of traditional exercise. That’s why you can get in shape in much less time.
The abdomen, thighs, buttocks, back and arms work at the same time, in addition to every effort, not only helps to have the muscles toned but also helps an intense burning of calories during the subsequent 72hrs.

Who is it aimed at?
To all those people of any age and sex, applicable to all ages over 18 years very recommended for very old people who can not perform traditional exercises with greater weight and that electrostimulation does not require articular load because it works the muscle fiber directly.

How many times can I do it per week and for how long?
It is recommended to use electrostimulation once a week and for the most demanding people twice a week, it will also depend on the programme selected and the level of training and experience of the user in terms of electrical stimulation.

In how many sessions will I notice it and can I combine it?
As the scientific tests have shown, it has been possible to observe net improvements in muscle tone and physical form, after 3 or 4 weeks of regular use.
You can combine it with any exercise that is not very intense in terms of strength and endurance. We recommend the combination with yoga or functional training agreed by a professional.


What is Drena-Tec?
It is a mechanized lymphatic drainage technique.

What is lymphatic drainage?
It is a process that acts from the lymph located on the soles of the feet making controlled pressure rising progressively to the abdominal área.

What is it used for?
Oxygenates the blood of return this same one allows to mobilize the lumps caused by toxins that with the passage of time stagnate in the arteries, this does that it improves substantially the loss of volume as well as the cellulite.

Who is it aimed at?
It is suitable for all those people who present aesthetic problems, such as cellulite, alterations in the circulatory system, tired legs, spider veins, oedemas and accumulations of fat.

How many times can I do it per week and for how long?
This process can be repeated up to three times a week, the time will depend a lot on each particular case.

In how many sessions will I notice it?
The effectiveness is very linked to each particular case of the client, but under data of the experience that we take in the sector the results begin to reflect from the tenth session.


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